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company introduction.

China Tianrui Group Cement Company Limited is mainly engaged in limestone mining and utilization, as well as clinker, cement production, marketing, is a leading clinker and cement producer in Henan and Liaoning provinces in terms of production volume。At the same time, the company is one of the twelve national cement enterprises which is the Chinese government key support (Group) and the priority support from the government in the land grant project examination and approval, and the right to use the credit approval and the preferential policies in mergers and acquisitions and investment projects of cement industry. It is also the only non state owned enterprise designated by the Ministry of industry and information technology of China as one of the five leading cement companies in Central China to support the consolidation and consolidation of cement industry in Central China.

As of 31 December 2016, the Group had 18 clinker production lines and 52 cement grinder production lines with a total annual production capacity of about 28.1 million tones of clinker and 50.8 million tones of cement, respectively. According to the data of Henan and Liaoning Cement Association, we are the lead clinker producer in Henan province and Liaoning province.

The company's clinker production line adopts advanced NSP technology, and all of them are equipped with waste heat recovery technology, which can effectively save power costs and minimize pollution. The company is a member of the China cement company, a member of the World Council for Sustainable Development Initiative (CSI), which is a member of a small number of state-owned cement producers in china.

The cement of the company is sold by "反波胆淘金网 TIANRUI" brand. Tian Rui cement brand has become a quality mark of China's construction industry. Tianrui cement using the international standard management, and actively implement the management certification work, is the parent company Chinese minority share ISO quality, environment, occupation health safety management system certification and product quality of the enterprises. By virtue of Tianrui cement brand and excellent product quality, the company's successful bid in China several high quality large-scale infrastructure projects become qualified cement producers,like the South-North Water Transfer Project, Ha’erbin-Dalian Express Railway and Shijiazhuang-Wuhan Express Railway.

Future Ltd intends through organic growth and selective acquisitions to expand market share and increase production capacity, improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, the development of new cement products and raw materials, to further strengthen the marketing efforts, improve the overall competitiveness, enhance Tianrui cement brand awareness, strengthen market leading companies in Henan and Liaoning Province, and continue to improve revenue and net profit.


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